August 18, 2012
well, I justwanted to post a picture of mine. It sucks, I know…

well, I justwanted to post a picture of mine. It sucks, I know…

April 4, 2012

Have you ever had to babysit anyone?

Erh … once a cat for my neighbor. He was kind of cute, with all that white fur. I never babysit a real baby, though. Ah, no wait! Once Lazard give me a cadet as help for my job and so I had to look after him for the day. He was really a quiet guy and a hard worker. I liked that kid because was from a cold country like me, a backwater place nearby mount Nibel, if  I remember correctly.

Funny hair he had, like a Chocobo’s butt …

April 4, 2012   3 notes

What do you think of the Turks?

They are kind of good, maybe a little bit creepy when they jump up from dark corners, but they can enjoy a little chat and a coffee. Maybe is because Tseng  is very quiet and serious, but I heard that Verdot used to be even more severe. (Reno can be really annoying, he keeps calling me “buddy” and staling my glasses and my coffee. No one can touch my coffee)

April 4, 2012   3 notes

Which SOLDIER gives you the most trouble?

Ah, good one. Let’s see … Zackary Fair is a pain. He’s always late with his reports, and when I finally manage to grasp them, there are lot of grammar errors, misspells, and stains (chocolate, oil, tomato sauce). I really don’t understand how he can be commander Hewley’ pupil. That man is always so disciplined. Commander Rhapsodos is a problem too, when in in a bad mood he can be a little … fiery, but is reports are very good written, even if the rhymes are excessive.

April 4, 2012

Have you ever had to physical restrain any SOLDIER?

Luckily not. How can I explain: I’m 1.73 cm tall and SOLDIERs are … well, colossal most of the time. But I’ve seen it happen once. One of the 3th was going berserk after the mako treatments and a couple of employers tried to contain him. They met the iron wall pretty hard. Anyway is not cover up by my insurance so I will never try it.

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March 14, 2012

So …

does someone have some other question?

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What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in the offices?

The worst, uh? Let’s see … that was that time when a couple of monsters managed to escape the lab and … well, there was a lot of blood that time … and arms … and legs       ( I’m starting to feel sick ). Anyway, for me the worst happened during one New Year. I was behind schedule with my papers, so I stayed in my office until late. Around 3:00 a.m. someone pushed open the door and came inside. When I saw Sephiroth and Genesis, both drunk, I hid under the desk. I spent an hour listening to their groans and cries. I can still hear them, sometimes … still hear them … *curls up in a dark corner*

March 11, 2012   1 note

Ask Shinra Secretary

My greetings to everyone, this is the first e-mail for my little secret project, “Ask Shinra secretary”.

I will be more than happy to answer every question you will send me about the Shinra workforces, so don’t hold anything back. What?! Why I am doing this? Oh, no real reason. My job as secretary is boooriiing so I want just do something funny and troublesome ( so they will learn to respect my job … mumble …  mumble … what is that attitude – I’m the big guy with the sword, so shut up-?! Mumble … mumble) ahah!

So, I will wait for your question.